Provisional Architecture: The Work of László Rajk

Research as a PhD candidate of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design

Currently, I am working with the archive of László Rajk (1949-2019), a Hungarian architect, artist and stage designer, who was also a key figure of the regime change in 1989. His artistic portfolio includes striking and unconventional architectural and urban projects, sculptures, objects, public space installations, set designs, drawings and theoretical essays.

Rajk was part of the Hungarian Neo-Avantgarde and in 1975 he joined the underground political movement called the Democratic Opposition. Throughout his life, Rajk was fighting for independence, human rights and democracy. I conducted interviews with him, curated shows including his works and I’m researching his oeuvre as a PhD candidate of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

I am exploring the artistic potential in spatial design through Rajk’s work, following an approach based on provisional architecture, i.e. temporary spaces created at the intersection of architecture, set design and fine art.

My focus is on Rajk’s film sets, experimental urban projects and public art. I place his oeuvre in the context of Hungarian and international art and connect his work to international trends in theoretical thinking about architecture.

Image: László Rajk & Gábor Bachman: Art Centre in Dunakeszi, late 1980s