Secondary Archive


Secondary Archive tells the history of non-Western — primarily Central and Eastern European — art through the lens of gender, covering the period after WWII through the present.

This archive is composed of artistic statements and unknown pages of the biographies and practices of female artists, where one can see the names of those who have been marginalized, neglected, forgotten, or remain little known to the general public alongside artifacts from key female figures of non-Western art.

The period covered by the archive embraces the artistic endeavours of three generations of women artists spanning from the 1960s onwards: from the first so-called neo-avant-garde generation that operated within the toughest period of the communistic regime, with a mediatic turn through a conceptual approach; to the second generation, which emerged in the eighties and nineties, having witnessed the opening effects of the Fall of Communism in their early career; and the third generation who, having come of age at the time of political changes that have reshaped the face of present-day Europe.

I contributed to the archive by writing, editing and translating artist statements.

Artist statements written with my contribution:
Judit Kele
Csilla Klenyánszki
Kriszta Nagy
Andi Schmied
Lilla Szász
Éva Szombat
Dominika Trapp