Selected writings in English

All That Glitters is Not Gold. On the Artwork Purchases of the Hungarian National Bank and its effects on the Hungarian Art Scene, originally appeared in Czech on, 2021

Gyula Muskovics & Andi Soós: Against the Flow – On researching Tamás Király’s Oeuvre. A conversation, in: Tamás Király – Out of the Box, ed. Katalin Timár, Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, 2020

A Short Walk Through the Paradise. On the work of fashion designer Michal Švarc, 2019

Gyula Muskovics & Andi Soós: Tamás Király, in: Left Performance Histories, exhibition catalogue, eds.: Astrid Hackel, Andrej Mircev, Judit Bodor, ngbk, Berlin, 2018

Thirty Three – A New Horizon of Photography at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, ed.: Róna Kopeczky, Hatje Cantz, Berlin, 2018

Eastern Europe in Vogue – Revolutionary Aesthetics and Criticism of the Regime in Tamás Király’s Work,, Budapest, 2017