Unruly Constructions

An exhibition of Tamás Király and László Rajk
Curated by Gyula Muskovics & Andi Soós

During the last decade of Socialism in Hungary, more and more artists ironically and playfully re-interpreted the symbols of the system. Such an artist was Tamás Király, who at that time was a well-known representative of avant-garde fashion on the international scene. He sometimes gave his models a red star-shaped parliament dome as a hat or organized a photoshoot at the base of the Statue of Liberty in Budapest featuring his black velvet collection, evoking the geometric forms of the Bauhaus.

Among the objects and documents exhibited at the gallery two works of László Rajk, a significant figure of deconstructive architecture were also on display from this particular era. The connection between the two oeuvres arises not only from the fact that they worked together as set- and costume designers for films, or as artists of the NA-NE Gallery after the regime change. The geometric sculptural dresses of Király and the spiky constructions of Rajk criticized the anomalies of the decaying system in similar manner, by appropriating and recycling the aesthetics of the Russian avant-garde.

Photos: Dávid Biró